The Andrew James Advisory Group provides training and consulting services for organizations focused upon the application and use of ISO 55000. The standard enables organizations to realize the full value of their assets through managing risk and opportunity, and achieving balance between cost, risk and performance.

What is Asset Management? Asset management involves balancing costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets to achieve an organization’s objectives. It enables an organization to determine the need for and performance of its assets, and the application of analytical approaches to managing an asset’s life cycle. International standard ISO 55000 provides a global consensus on asset management and what it can do to increase value generated by all organizations.

Why us?

Many of today’s CEO’s and CFO’s view maintenance departments as a drag on the bottom line instead of applying a Strategic Asset Management Plan to realize an untapped financial resource.

Maintenance organizations just want help on the three most critical elements that impact the overall effectiveness of any maintenance organization: reliability, planning & scheduling, and materials. Andrew James Advisory Group (AJAG) has the processes and network of seasoned professionals to address these areas. The AJAG ISO-55001 Asset Management & Maintenance Value Realization Model identifies what is working and what needs assistance to achieve value realization

We provide consultancy services that enable our clients to establish excellent management systems, to improve their existing business processes and to design new, lean processes for start-up operations and diversifying companies.

AJ Advisory Group has considerable experience in developing integrated management systems that support the strategic aims of our clients’ organizations.

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