Andrew James Advisory Group recognizes the utility industry is in a state of flux. We have the advisors and consultants with extensive operations technology, business process, regulatory and utility IT expertise in Generation and Transmission & Distribution who can assist as you seek solutions for the following issues:

· The impact on the aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) into a reliable grid resource.

· The proactive states’ plans to push forward on clean energy regardless of the administration’s rollback of certain EPA regulatory requirements. How can nuclear plants receive extra compensation for their carbon-free attributes?

· The impact of the New York State initiative Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) that shifts away from the traditional cost-of-service revenue model. Many state regulatory commissions are encouraging new utility revenue models and incentives.

· The emergence of new rate design solutions — such as time-of-use rates and demand charges — in response to utilities pushing fixed charge increases in response to DERs and stagnant load growth,

· Is Energy Storage mature enough to be considered a viable grid-scale resource?

· Policymakers looking for ways to save zero-carbon nuclear resources, with gas and renewables suppressing power prices in organized markets. Is your plant at risk?

· Continued growth and even acceleration in natural gas growth. How will this affect your generation decisions?