Tangible Benefits

Tangible Benefits of Collaborating with the Andrew James Advisory Group 

  • Our maintenance management solutions are independent of the EAM, ERP or CMMS software deployed. 
  • We can help you achieve safe reduction of inventory stores. 
  • We guarantee knowledge transfer from our experts to yours. 
  • Our consultants can help your organization achieve increased maintenance process efficiencies, improved availability and better reliability. 
  • Utilizing an Organizational Change Management Process creates champions for the program and ensures acceptance. 
  • Identifying and tracking KPI’s allows everyone to see how their efforts contribute to achieving the corporate vision,  so everyone  shares in the  success.

What is the value proposition for the client for collaborating with The Andrew James Advisory Group ? In Brief …..

  • The ability to support clients through the change process
  • Improved financial performance
  • Informed asset investment decisions
  • Effective prioritization of investments
  • Managed risk
  • Improved services and outputs
  • Demonstrated social responsibility
  • Demonstrated compliance
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Improved organizational sustainability
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Breakdown of organizational silos with increased collaboration and alignment around asset life cycle management
  • Documentation of key processes and procedures
  • Structured training and retention of key skills
  • Some Clients have realized over:
    • 20% reduction in capital costs
    • 10% reduction in operational costs whilst enhancing their environmental compliance
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