As well as offering tailored training courses around Asset Management we also offer onsite and computer based training. One of our popular courses is ISO 55000/1/2, in collaboration with the Asset Leadership Network 

Who should Attend?

The perception in some sectors is that assets and discussions around assets should be limited to certain departments such as engineering or reliability. We challenge that view, everywhere in an organization – formal and informal ones, physical and non-physical ones.

Therefore, we believe that members from all departments diverse as finance, Information Technology, vendors and procurement as well as engineering and maintenance. This will not only cut across the departmental silos but also allow stakeholders involved in asset management to know how they impact and impacted by the Asset Lifecycle.

Also, if your organization has an ISO 55000 initiative planned in the future, this component will assist you in being an active member of the team from day one

Why Should I Attend? 

A Small Classroom environment with a dedicated, ALN certified training organization and materials, and an experienced trainer who has a wealth of experience in Asset Management within your industry sector will allow you to maximize your money and time investment.


To your organization 

Discover how ISO 55000 enables organizations to bring imperative asset management initiatives together in order to deliver organizational value.

Develop principles and approaches that will allow you to kick start an ISO 5500 program while understanding how to create a connected and business-oriented digital thread across the entire asset lifecycle.

To you

Learn how to get the insights you need to make better actionable decisions that deliver asset alignment and quantifiable measurable results throughout the lifecycle of the asset whilst being trained by renowned trainers Trainer Bios


Gain an appreciation of how financial management is impacted by Asset Management so you can start to free up working capital, optimize cash flow, and deliver greater bottom-line value

By the end of the course you will:

    • Be able to build your own S.A.M.P. – Strategic Asset Management Plan that will accelerate your organization’s path to ISO 55001 Certification
    • Leverage and connect with a robust and established group of like-minded individuals that can share past experiences, both positive and negative
    • Gain insight into how you can transform finance to lead strategy, performance, and innovation across your company while optimizing efficiency, risk, and compliance throughout the asset lifecycle.
    • Create strategic line-of-business alignment, plan for change, and seize the opportunities brought about by asset optimization based on the ISO 55000 methodology
    • Leverage your data using Master Data Governance, as information derived from the data in any AMS is only as accurate as the data used in its development
    • Have the opportunity to sit for the ALN ISO 55000 Professional Certification (A55K) exam

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