Areas of Concentration

One size doesn’t fit all- We specialize in the following areas  as we believe that our clients should get the exemplary service they deserve and expect.

          • ISO 55000/1/2 Training
          • Organizational Change Management
          • Enterprise Resource & Planning Solution Oversight
          • Master Data Management and Governance
          • Risk Identification & Mitigation
          • Business Process Analysis &  Improvement
          • Asset Value Realization
            • Materials & Inventory Management
            • Plant Maintenance

Areas of Concentration: In Detail

ISO 55000/1/2 training

Although it is possible to use self-study of ISO-55000/1/2 materials, many people learn better in a classroom environment. We offer both in-person as well as virtual classroom environments. In each of these options, an expert instructor is able to explain concepts and answer questions, and relate instruction to the students’ own experiences. Our instructor-led training is more personal and can be better targeted towards the students’ needs, including the desire to pass certification exams. Andrew James Advisory Group provides experienced instructors and course materials that include quizzes and case studies to assess the students’ understanding of the material as the course progresses. This unique approach facilitates immediate review of materials where needed, improving overall understanding.

Our in-person Classroom  typically takes 4 days to complete.  There, our expert instructors provide the curriculum in a dynamic group setting.

Our virtual Classroom  is our hybrid online learning.  In our virtual classroom the student can go through the pre-recorded lectures at their convenience, and will reconvene with their instructor and classmates remotely to review material, answer questions, and discuss the applications of the ISO to their industry. Due to the nature of online learning, it typically takes two weeks to complete.

The main focus area of training is for ISO 55001 ALN Certification. AJ Advisory Group training courses enable you to develop and implement effective management systems to meet your organization’s needs and achieve ALN certification.

We offer public courses and in-house courses in the US, North America and worldwide. Our tutors are both highly skilled trainers and working consultants. They make the learning process as easy as possible and ensure that the whole training experience is comfortable, rewarding and enjoyable.

So your people got the training; now what? Let AJ Advisory Group help you pivot from training to execution. Whether it’s defining a S.A.M.P. or looking at your certification strategy, we can help.

Organizational Change Management

To ensure greater acceptance, a faster ROI and a step-by-step guided approach, AJAG uses Organizational Change Management techniques to provide a clear vision of what is to be accomplished, and an accurate roadmap on how to get there. 

Visioning Support – Having a clear vision of where you want to be after the change is a key element in aligning stakeholders with a sense of purpose and direction. 

Team Building – It’s not enough to pick who’s available. Proper team selection can make the difference between a successful team moving forward and a team mired in argument and conflict. 

Facilitation – We are not there to tell your people what to do. The only lasting solutions are those that come from the people involved who will champion the solutions long after your advisors have left. We guide you through the discovery process. 

Process Blueprinting Support – Breaking down processes graphically allows people to identify bottlenecks, duplication and unnecessary steps that result in inefficiencies and costly delays. 

Process AS-IS and TO-BE Gap Analysis – By comparing the current process to the proposed future process, you can document your improvements and areas for future consideration. 

Goal Realization & Champion Development; The Plan – You establish a vision and identify goals to create the vision. You identify initiatives and allocate resources to reach the goals. Next you establish KPI’s to monitor progress. Everyone who is making a contribution can see how it is aiding in reaching the vision and can share in the pride once attained.  

Enterprise Resource & Planning Solution Oversight

AJ Advisory Group’s team of highly qualified advisors and consultants are able to provide you with a range of assessment and oversight services which can enable your organization to focus improvement actions where they will deliver the greatest value to your organization.

Whether you are implementing EAM, MDM, MDG, or any programmatic change requiring skilled advisors and oversight support, the outcomes should be:

      • Demonstrable compliance with legal and other requirements.
      • Demonstrable compliance with corporate strategic goals.
      • Effectively managed risks.
      • Significantly reduced costs.

Risk Identification & Mitigation

Many companies and their managers are under continuous pressure to implement cost management programs from a multitude of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, and regulators. It is a critical activity that can come with much risk.

Unfortunately new projects and maintenance are very often seen as an easy target where cost cutting targets can be easily and quickly achieved.

Let us help you reduce maintenance costs without increasing risk by:

    • Evaluating all new projects using a Cost vs Risk vs Value methodology to ensure it’s within your Strategic Asset Management Plan policy.
    • Evaluating stores inventory and procurement processes with respect to a Cost vs Risk vs Value methodology that ensures that parts being maintained minimize unnecessary risks

Business Process Analysis &  Improvement

Methods and Maintenance Strategy and Process Evaluation and Best Practices Workshops – We can help you evaluate typical maintenance strategies and processes, including:

    • Facilitation of Business process As-Is and To-Be process and gap analysis workshops to identify roles, technology, and process steps, leading team members towards best practices applicable for your industry.
    • Repair vs. Run-to Failure Analysis
    • Lost Production Cost Analysis due to PM Practices
    • Predictive Maintenance Technology Analysis

Asset Value Realization

Materials & Inventory Management

    • Review of the asset lifecycle process ensures that ghost assets (assets no longer in use or no longer on site but still on the books) are not costing you in unnecessary taxes.
    • Bill of Materials (BOM) Development – An accurate BOM is crucial for ensuring the right parts go out with the work order. Let us work with Planning & Scheduling to develop accurate BOM’s.
    • Kitting Program Support – Do you have technicians standing in lines at the storeroom? How much is that costing you?
    • Inventory Turns/Risk Evaluation – Are you carrying materials in stores that don’t turn at least once a year? What happens if you don’t have a part? What is the risk?
    • Spare Parts Analysis – What parts are ordered and at what frequency? Can we transfer this burden onto our vendors?
    • Vendor Evaluations – What vendors go the extra mile and which vendors should just go?

Plant Maintenance

    • Assessment of current Maintenance Strategy – Have you determined whether it’s more cost effective to perform maintenance or to run a piece of equipment to failure? To repair in-house or buy a replacement? These and many more questions are answered by helping you build your Strategic Asset Management Plan.
    • Schedule Variances Cost Evaluation – Do you know the costs associated with last minute schedule changes including lost time, expedited shipping, and lost production?
    • Maintenance Value Realization Training – Recognizing  inefficiencies is the first step in correcting them.
    • EAM/ERP/CMMS support incorporating Maintenance Value Realization activities – No matter the system, we have the experts.
    • Technical specialist support – For the evaluation process, our trained facilitators have years of experience walking people just like you through some of the most difficult processes.

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